To connect your 4Me instance with Open Raven, you will need to:

  1. Obtain Details from 4Me
  2. Configure the 4Me Integration in Open Raven.
  3. Enable the 4Me Integration in Open Raven.

Let's get started.

Obtaining Details from 4Me

You’ll need to obtain three important items from 4Me to connect Open Raven with your 4Me instance.


If your 4Me instance ends with, then your API URL is:
However, some customers may have their own 4Me instance within their QA instances. In this case, the API URL is:

OAuth Token

Generate a Personal Token from your 4Me User Profile at the Personal Access Token section.

To get more details on 4Me Personal Access Tokens, visit 4Me training section.

Account ID

You will find your 4Me Account ID in the Accounts Overview section in Settings.

Connecting with Open Raven

Step 1. Click on the 4Me Tile

In "Configuration," click on "Integrations" and select 4Me.

Step 2. Fill in 4Me Configuration Details

When you select the 4Me tile, you’ll be presented with the configuration form.

Fill in the configuration details. Initially, you’ll only be presented with API URL, OAuth Token, and 4Me Account ID fields. You’ll be required to input those values, then Authenticate, before you can configure the rest of the integration.

Once you’ve pressed Authenticate, Open Raven will fetch your Service Instances and Users for you to select from for each integration. Note that since 4Me will not create duplicate requests, you can insert the following token variables into your Subject or Notes messages to customize each 4Me Request.

{} {violation.policyname} {violation.ruleid} {violation.rulename} {violation.severity} {violation.assetid} {violation.assetarn} {violation.details} {} {violation.payload}

Step 3. Save the Configuration

Click Save. You’re done with this configuration! Next, we’ll move on to the Notifications section to enable 4Me notifications.

Enable the 4Me Integration in Open Raven

Step 1. Enable the 4Me Integration

In "Configuration," click on "Notifications" and turn on your 4Me notifications. Then, configure the Violation severity of each 4Me integration. From this page, you can also individually manage how Open Raven sends Violations to each of your 4Me integrations.

Step 2. Save Changes

Click on Save Notification Settings to save your changes.

What’s Next