Visualize and Create a Backups

Open Raven can visualize Assets that are part of a backup plan and that have either:

  • Been backed up in the last 30 days.
  • Haven't been backed up in the last 30 days.

The grey backup icon means that the asset is part of a Backup Plan but has not been backed up.

The blue backup icon means that the Asset is backed up. Hovering over the icon will show you which Backup Plans the Asset falls under. You can also see when the Asset was last backed up.

The red backup icon means that the Asset is not part of a Backup Plan.

To learn more about an Asset, click on the backup icon.

This will bring up a properties tab for the Asset. Click on Backups on the right to see:

  • When the Asset was last backed up
  • The backup plan it is part of
  • The backup frequency.

You can also see all the Backup Jobs and their status by clicking on Backup Jobs.

To add an Asset to a Backup Plan, click on the Asset and click on "Add to Backup Plan" in the top right.

Then, choose the backup plan you want to add the Asset to and select the appropriate tags. Click Add Tag and confirm backup by clicking on Add to Backup Plan.

If a Backup Plan you choose shares tags with another Backup Plan, the Asset will be added to both Backup Plans. However, you will first need to confirm this by clicking Add to Backup Plan.

When an Asset is added to a Backup Plan, you will get a confirmation message in the top right.

Alternatively, you can also add Assets to a Backup Plan by selecting individual assets and then clicking on the Add to Backup Plan button in the bottom right.

Note that when backing up Assets, you can't add to a Backup Plan cross-account or cross-region.