Create an Asset Group

Asset Groups are a great way to group your AWS and non-AWS Assets into logical groups.

Clicking on any of the asset groups above will take you to an asset list containing only those assets that belong in the group. Note that asset groups have a type: they can be Live or Fixed.

Live asset groups can grow or shrink based on the query that describes that asset group and what Open Raven discovers.

Fixed asset groups have a fixed number of assets in the group. The list contains the assets you've explicitly selected with your filter query.

Creating Asset Groups

You can create Custom Asset Groups based on your custom filter criteria.

To create a Custom Asset Group, you will need to:

  1. Go to "Asset List" and Filter Assets
  2. Create a Group

Let's get started.

Step 1. Go to "Asset List" and Filter Assets

In "Assets," select "Asset List" and then choose a filter query for your desired asset group. In the example below, the filter is applied to all assets in the Singapore region (ap-southeast-1).

Next, click Apply.

Step 2. Create a Group

When the results are returned, click on Save Filters as New Live Group.

To save as a Fixed Group, select the assets you would like to include, and click either Save as Fixed Group or Add to Existing Fixed Group.

Alternatively, you may create a Fixed Group by hovering over "Fixed Groups" in the navigation menu and then clicking on +. This will create an empty Fixed Group, and you can drag and drop rows in the asset list directly into that Fixed Group.