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Create a Data Collection

To create a Data Collection, you will need to:

  1. Go to "Data Collections" and Create Data Collection
  2. Fill out the Form
    a) Select Data Classes
    b) Describe Your Data Collection
    c) Add Data Classes
  3. Save Your Data Collection

Let's get started.

Step 1. Go to "Data Collections" and Create Data Collection

In "Configuration," click on "Data Collections" and then Create Data Collection.

Step 2. Fill out the Form

A form with all the required fields for the new Data Collection will appear.

a) Select Data Classes

Specify the Data Classes you want to include in your Data Collection via the Available Classes column on the right-hand side.

Not seeing the Data Classes you want? Creating custom Data Classes is easy! Navigate to "Data Classes" and learn more under the Create a Data Class page.

b) Describe Your Data Collection

Begin by defining a Reference ID and Data Collection Name. It is important to give the Data Collection a unique ID and a meaningful name that is easy to reference.

A Data Collection Description should be short and may provide more detail on what the Data Collection contains.

The Status of a Data Collection determines if it is in use or not. Active Data Collections will be used when analyzing data, whereas Inactive Data Collections will not be matched.

c) Add Data Classes

Use the shuttle widget on the right to select and move Data Classes from the available to the Selected column.

3. Save Your Data Collection

Click Save

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