Ensure all EC2 EBS Volumes has snapshots

Other Security Rules


Snapshot availability could prevent data loss and simplify data recovery in the case of data encryption.

Create snapshots for EC2 EBS Volumes via the AWS Management Console

Step 1. Log in to the Amazon EC2 console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/.

Step 2. Click on Snapshots under the Elastic Block Store in the navigation pane.

Step 3. Click on Create Snapshot.

Step 4. For "Select resource type" click on Volume.

Step 5. For "Volume,"" select the volume.

Step 6 (Optional). Enter a description for the snapshot.

Step 7 (Optional). Choose Add Tag to add tags to your snapshot. For each tag, provide a tag key and a tag value.

Step 8. Click on Create Snapshot.