Preview Data Scan Findings

To preview data findings discovered by Open Raven, you will need to:

  1. Go to “Data Catalog.”
  2. Choose Between “Data” and “Regions” Table Summary View.
  3. Click on Individual Data Collections/Regions and Data Classes for More Information.
  4. Click on Individual Buckets for Further Breakdown of Sensitive Findings.
  5. Click on Individual Objects for Data Preview of Sensitive Findings.

Let's get started.

1. Go to “Data Catalog”

Select “Data Catalog” from the navigation menu on the left side of the page. You will see a simple table view that gives you a data snapshot across your AWS estate.

A summary blurb at the top of this table describes how many sensitive data records Open Raven has identified across your AWS accounts, which buckets the data falls into, and the regions the sensitive data belongs to.

2. Choose Between “Data” and “Regions” Table Summary View

The table below the summary blurb lets you explore the sensitive data discovered by Open Raven either by:

  • Data (via pre-configured and custom data collections created by the user)
  • Regions.

Under the “Data” table view, the data catalog will show you an overview of the data collections that have been scanned by Open Raven. The catalog also shows the total sensitive data records that have been discovered and the S3 buckets each record falls into.

Similarly, under the “Regions” table view, you'll find that the same data is broken down by AWS regions.

3. Click on Individual Data Collections/Regions and Data Classes for More Information

Clicking on any data collection/region will return a list of different data classes.

You can view all data classes at a glance, or click on individual data classes to see the S3 buckets that house this data, as well as additional information like:

  • Account ID
  • Region
  • Bucket size
  • Number of records discovered in that bucket.

A link to the AWS console exists to give you direct access to the bucket.

4. Click on Individual Buckets for Further Breakdown of Sensitive Findings

By selecting any of the buckets listed, you can see an object list that details the sensitive data findings even further.

Again, an AWS console link gives you direct access to the object.

5. Click on Individual Object Rows for Data Findings Preview

By clicking on any of the objects listed, a side panel expands with the details of the data finding for each data class. Data preview will display the finding with a safe level of redaction, any relevant keywords in proximity of the match, and optionally the location (e.g. line number, row number, page number, etc.).

An option to export the data to CSV exists by clicking the "Export to CSV" button.

Note: At any of the above stages, you can filter data by specific data classes, or in the case of regions, by location. You can also search directly for particular data using the search box.


Any questions?

If you have questions while viewing your data in Open Raven's Data Catalog or need assistance, please contact the Open Raven support team via email at [email protected]

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