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To allow Open Raven to send policy violations to Slack, you will need to:

  1. Set up Your Slack Channel Webhook.
  2. Configure the Slack Integration in Open Raven.
  3. Enable the Slack Integration in Open Raven.

Let's get started.

Slack Channel Setup

Step 1. Go to the "Configure apps" Section in Slack

Visit the Account menu in Slack and go to the "Configure apps" section. Note that some users might not have Slack admin permission, so they probably won’t see the "Configure apps" section.

Step 2. Visit "Custom Integrations" Section

Once you’re in the "Configure apps" section, go to the "Custom Integrations" sub-section. Then, select Incoming WebHooks.

Step 3. Add the Webhook Integration to Slack

Click Add to Slack. Your organization might already have other webhook integrations; they’re just not listed on this page. Clicking Add to Slack will only add one new webhook integration.

Step 4. Choose a Slack Channel

Next, pick an existing Slack channel or create a new one.

At Open Raven, we have a #dev-null channel where we send test notifications. It’s a great way to test notifications without adding noise to other channels.

Step 5. Copy the Webhook URL

Once you click Add Incoming WebHooks integration, you’ll be taken to the "Setup Instructions" page, where you can configure other aspects of the integration.

The most important part of this screen is the Webhook URL. Copy the URL, then head over to your Open Raven account to finish the rest of the setup setups.

Configure the Slack Integration in Open Raven

Step 1. Click on the Slack Tile

In "Configuration," click on "Integrations" and select Slack.

Step 2. Fill in Slack Configuration Details

When you select the Slack tile, you’ll be presented with a configuration form.

All you need to do here is give each notification a name. It doesn’t have to be your Channel Name. However, we find it useful to name each Slack integration after their destination channels. That way, it’s easier for other users and admins to identify them later on.

Step 3. Save the Configuration

Press Add Slack Integration That's it. It’s that easy. Next, we’ll move on to the Notifications section to enable Slack notifications.

Enable the Slack Integration in Open Raven

Step 1. Enable the Slack Integration

In "Configuration," click on "Notifications" and turn on your Slack notifications. You can enable Policy Violation notifications for each Slack channel individually.

Step 2. Save Changes

Click on Save Notification Settings to save your changes.

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