Visualize Security Groups

Open Raven can visualize AWS Security Groups within your infrastructure.

In "Maps", Security Groups are identified and surrounded by green outlines.

A single line around Assets means there is one Security Group. Two lines indicate two or more Security Groups.

To view the details of a Security Group, click the green shield icon, which will display a list of the associated Security Group(s).

When you click the name of a Security Group, you’ll see its outbound connections visualized with a purple line. Additional connection details are visible on the left side of the screen.

Filtering by Security Groups

Want only to view Security Groups? In the upper right corner of the "Maps" page, we provide a convenient filter that lets you do just that.

Visualize External Connections

Similarly, you can visualize the external connections and where they lie by clicking on any of the purple external connection icons. A purple line will trace the external connection to specific VPCs as well as detail the security group controlling the inbound and outbound traffic.