Visualize your Data Catalog

Open Raven can now visualize details from the Data Catalog in Maps.

To see the results of a Data Classification Scan, you will need to:

  1. Load 3D Maps
  2. Enable the “Data” Filter
  3. Click on a Bucket with the “Data” Icon
  4. Optionally, access the Data Catalog

Step 1. Load 3D Maps

When you load the "Maps" page, you will see a live visualization of all the cloud resources that Open Raven has discovered.

Step 2. Enable the “Data” Filter

From the Filter menu in the top right, toggle on the “Data” filter to surface all the S3 buckets with “Data Classes Found.”

Step 3. Click on a Bucket with the “Data” Icon

Looking at the Maps view, you will notice that some S3 buckets are now highlighted and display the “Data” icon. Click on any highlighted bucket this icon appears within to bring up a details panel with a list of the data classes found.

The details tab will display the data classes discovered.