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With Open Raven’s flexible Webhooks integration, you can configure Open Raven to send Policy Violations via HTTP requests to most URL endpoints. To do so, you will need to:

  1. Configure the Webhooks Integration in Open Raven.
  2. Enable the Webhooks Integration in Open Raven.

Let's get started.

Configure the Webhooks Integration in Open Raven

Step 1. Click on the Webhooks Tile

In "Configuration," click on "Integrations" and select Webhooks.

Step 2. Fill in Webhooks Configuration Details

When you select the Webhooks tile, you’ll be presented with a configuration form. Fill in the configuration details so that Open Raven can connect to your webhooks endpoint.

A few things to note. Our webhooks support GET and POST methods. You can add as many Header or body Parameter fields as you like. For POST requests, parameters are sent with header Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded, and the request body is
formatted as simple key=value pairs like the following: fruit=apple&droid=R2D2

Along with being able to send any number of Header and body Parameters, you can also include Violation information in the header and body parameters. To do so, just include the following placeholders in the values, and Open Raven will substitute those placeholders with real values during runtime.

{} {violation.policyname} {violation.ruleid} {violation.rulename} {violation.severity} {violation.assetid} {violation.assetarn} {violation.details} {} {violation.payload}

You can add as many webhooks as you want.

Step 3. Save the Configuration

Press Save That's it. It’s that easy. Next, we’ll move on to the Notifications section to enable Webhooks notifications.

Enable the Webhooks Integration in Open Raven

Step 1. Enable the Webhooks Integration

In "Configuration," click on "Notifications" and turn on your Webhooks notifications. You can configure each webhook to receive different policy severity levels.

Step 2. Save Changes

Click on Save Notification Settings to save your changes.

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